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Driver Education

     The Driver Education course at SBCHS places a strong emphasis on becoming a safe, responsible and confident young driver. Students will learn how to become a defensive driver to avoid collisions. Students will receive 24 hours of classroom instruction, a minimum of 6 hours of “behind the wheel” training and 18 hours of In-Car observation.

      Students will be graded on their driving skills at each driving session. Each driving group will be required to do an oral presentation on a driving related topic. Once students have successfully completed this course, the student will receive an MV-285 certificate.

      This certificate allows students to receive a class D license, able to drive at 17 years old and are eligible for a discount with their auto insurance company (only if that company participates).

      Students will learn:

Defensive Driving - IPDE process and Smith System.

Rules of the Road.

Signs, Symbols, and Road Markings.

Dashboard, Controls and Devices.

Car Maintenance which includes learning the parts and systems of a car.

Handling Car Emergencies.

Dangers of Texting and Driving Under the Influence.

Driving on Expressway/Highway.

Road Rage.

Car Insurance.

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